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De La Gente

Season 3, Show 17.11.2023
Floating World Music - Sets & Shows (coming soon)


a weekly selection of brand new Balearic Sounds * 24/11/2023


GFH - No Rush




GFH drop their first EP and the freaky 13th disc on Planet Trip's forever expanding catalogue.

5 diverse cuts dialling into deep downtempo chuggers and breezy tropical trips. 'Rêves rave' is the stand-out track for me !

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this is how it souds


daytime chillin'... There is no rhythm more essential, no music more relaxing, than the rolling of ocean waves. Time to hit the beach with a mojito pitcher recipe and enjoy some sun drenched, deep, chilled, atmospheric grooves - a soundtrack for moments of blissful disconnection. 



Arutani - El Canto del Orinoco
Island Band - Idle Hours