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a weekly selection of brand new Balearic Sounds * 27/09/2023


Actress  - LXXXVIII

LXXXVIII is the ninth album to be created by Darren Cunningham and the culmination of 25 years’ honing mind-shorting, soul-igniting audio infusions for dance floors, rave dens, festivals, and concert halls.

‘LXXXVIII’ includes the recent avant-garde-influenced single “Push Power ”, a track which laid the groundwork for the coming album, acting as the first move in an intricate chess game.

With each thoughtful move the game grows and develops over time - something we can hear reflected in the textured and delicate layers of the track “Game Over ”, a new single from the album which signals the final, closing move.


Solarissound - Fortune

" It’s about the essence of being and the magic of the moment."


Wolfram Burgtorf, Paco Saval, the musicians behind solarissound and Alisa Berlin, actress and singer, experience this magic when experimenting together in the rehearsal room.


“We broke away from classic songwriting a long time ago and just do what feels right,” says Alisa.

'Can you feel it' is released as a second single. 

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this is how it souds


daytime chillin'... There is no rhythm more essential, no music more relaxing, than the rolling of ocean waves. Time to hit the beach with a mojito pitcher recipe and enjoy some sun drenched, deep, chilled, atmospheric grooves - a soundtrack for moments of blissful disconnection. 



Arutani - El Canto del Orinoco
Island Band - Idle Hours