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De La Gente

Season 3, Show 22.03.2024
Floating World Music - Sets & Shows (coming soon)


a weekly selection of brand new Balearic Sounds * 22.03.24



Rüba KPO – Acid Manthis



Based between Nice and Oslo, Rüba KPØ makes music without limits. Laurent Garnier and Sasha have been supporters of their previous work, which they have released on RKRS Recordings, as well as Sonar Kollektiv.


They are also an exciting live act that constantly explores new ways of making music, from jazz and bass to house and cold wave. Their music always evokes an unusual meeting of different worlds, and this new single is no different.


The sublime ‘Acid Mantis’ is a sensuous and slow-motion sound with deep, rumbling low ends and taught synth modulations. Echoing hits ring out into a cool night as sensual female vocals draw you in deep. The snaking pads and distant chords all add a haunting feel as this most hypotonic sound unfolds in a beguiling fashion that will leave a mark on any dance floor.

Double Single

Mikahl Anthony - Space Blue/Deep, ain't it 



Mikahl Anthony is a unique creator, filmmaker, songwriter and musician who is set to make his mark in the industry.

His double single release collection "Space Blue/ Deep ‘Ain’t It" is an intriguing and enjoyable musical offering.

"Space Blue" sets the stage sonically with seductive and downtempo beats, soulful vocals and poetic expressions. Then there is "Deep 'Ain't It" that entices with blazing horns, jazzy keys and funk fueled rhythms. The double single release is a stunning and inviting decadent mix of genres including hip hop, funk, Jazz, Afrobeat and pop.

St. Louis, Missouri born and bred Mikahl Anthony creates music that is influenced by the likes of Marvin Gaye, Erykah Badu and Lil Wayne. His music and mantra highlights the importance of self love and discovery, with storytelling lyrics that are expressive and relatable. "Space Blue/ Deep ‘Ain’t It" is off of his upcoming album and visual journey MUSE. Take a listen now and get lost in the sonic bliss.

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this is how it souds


daytime chillin'... There is no rhythm more essential, no music more relaxing, than the rolling of ocean waves. Time to hit the beach with a mojito pitcher recipe and enjoy some sun drenched, deep, chilled, atmospheric grooves - a soundtrack for moments of blissful disconnection. 



Arutani - El Canto del Orinoco
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