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FRESH 10.11.22

Weekly selection of brand new tracks, selected by Floating World


Kevin Reynolds - Riverfront

Kevin Reynolds with a ‘fresher than fresh’ Riverfront E.P., up on Osunlade’s Yoruba Records.


Detroit runs through Kevin’s veins. Born in the thick of it in the Motor City. Riverfront, Kevin’s third release on Yoruba, is a deeply emotive, and ever so classy slice of pure, warm, Detroit techno with soul. 


As if the original cut wasn’t already killer, Jon Dixon`s remix takes the track up a further notch, delivering a beautiful, shimmering, techno journey, that will do nothing short of amaze you.

" Deeper Sounds, for Happy People "


Daniel Wang - DSDN (303 City Dub)

Daniel Wang makes a welcome return to the new releases rack with a typically refined slice of meta-disco headiness, serving four astrally-charged versions on the 'DSDN' EP.

The 'DSDN' EP launches with an epic vocal version, where thick synth bass, vibraphone melodies and infectious guitar licks caress spoken word vocals over a ten-plus-minute audio space cruise.


The '303 City Dub features delay-laden vocal chops in a hypnotic 'version' style.  Subtly suited to varying shades of dancefloor mood, each mix brings nuanced textures to the over-riding theme, offering selectors an abundance of alternatives when setting the disco scene.

" At times, Washes of Synth and
Dubby delay invade the Stage " 


"Our passion for music, radio and the Balearic Islands have merged into something that we are so incredibly excited to share with you... it''s an experience only suitable for open, restless and selective minds."

Floating World Music

Take a trip down memory lane and get your groove on with a selection of Sunset Bliss

Floating World Music

is it BALEARIC  ?

"a variety of beats blended with ambient and cosmic sounds.... a soundscape of Samples for Sunsets & drinks."  


Wake up very slowly, make a coffee and head onto the balcony. The sun is halfway up its daily ascent and you’ve got a vista of the sea, the City Skyline or perhaps some mountains. The remains of last night’s balearic session are strewn across the table.




Have a banana, because there’s nothing more balearic than that. Enjoy an apero with the spaced-out sounds of Idjut Boys as you squint in the midday sun.


Cocktails, swimming, a quick game of football, a phone call to a friend... anything you like. But, most importantly, some Japanese balearic sounds to see you through the afternoon.


Blurry sunset over the horizon. Good friends around and a feeling of extreme contentedness with the world and everything in it. On the speakers ? 






A quick change of clothes, if you feel that way out, before heading off into the night and all its vices. Booze, lust, anticipation. 


You’re on the way to somewhere, but you’re not quite sure where, or why, and you’re a bit pissed. All you know is that you’re going there... and it’s balearic !


You’ve made loads of new friends and you’ve already forgotten most of them. The DJ is a maverick and decides to turn things south. Cue the rolling synth lines of Rozlyne Clarke’s ‘Dancin’ Is Like Making Love’ (Dub 2).


Who better than Italo house pioneer Don Carlos to take the dancers by the hand, guiding you into wide-eyed euphoria? When the keys of ‘Play It Again’ come in, it feels like the stars above are spinning a magic tapestry just for you.



The crowd has thinned out, leaving a devoted core of balearic warriors to dance away the last remaining hours of night. When the Cool & Breezy Mix of Mandy Smith’s ‘I Just Can’t Wait’ is played, everyone thinks that they finally know what balearic is.


The first warm rays of the morning sun slip out over the horizon, and you’ve moved onto the beach with a motley crew of drinkers & dancers. By the time the double-time frenzy of the last section of Elkin & Nelson’s ‘Jibaro’ is over, the sun sits firmly in the morning sky and you want to do it all over again. So you do.



















Is there a common thread that runs through all of this music? In my mind, its the waves. The image of Waves is something that I believe is central to what we call balearic music and its sound, its roots, its ethos and its persistence.


Rolling synths, lapping drums and build ups that never come, guitar lines that could go on forever, a beat that never ends. Balearic music, like the waves, is in constant flux, ebbing and flowing with the world around it, always reinvigorating itself, always fresh.


Balearic is brilliant, off-the-grid, spiritual, restless, downtempo, uptempo, tribal, disco, folky, eclectic, endless and free. It can be anything you want it to be !


It includes old pop/rock songs that sound good to clubbers, and anything that sounds good in the sunshine – be that because of lush instrumentation, a laid-back beat, or simply lyrics that encourage you to slam another Mojito and celebrate the summer a bit more - !

There’s an element of “guilty pleasures” about the genre, for sure. When all comes together, you can get very eclectic Soundscapes that go from Carly Simon to Bat For Lashes or Bill Laswell - often re-edited or remixed - without dropping a beat, smoothly blended with today's minimal or deep house, cosmic disco, trippy dubstep and even DJ Shadow-style hip-hop.


Go with the flow, be surprised, groove and chill... Balearic is one of the most intriguing music scenes simply because it is so hard to pin down, and it depends upon taking often pretty uncool source material and crafting it into something that is artistic and unique. Think sunshine, eclectic, timeless, club sensibility and you’re half way there… and think Ibiza, too, where it all began and where it got its name.

If you haven’t experienced dancing to dawn in an Ibiza club with the roof off, Balearic may not make much sense to you.


Floating World Music

All started back in 1988, when I got into dad's records...
'I feel Love' by Donna Summer was the first tune I ever recorded, on good old tape...  a few months later I was showing off @ the local students pub. 
Right from the start, I was digging into 70's Funk, Space disco and New Wave, rather then playing the big tunes.  Ever since, it's a rollercoaster we're on, and things have evolved for sure. Somewhere in the nineties I began adding beats, beeps & bleeps to tunes that were not 100% fit to the dancefloor in my ears. Radioshows and Podcasts were next... it still is what we do. 
As for today, life is about music. Big thanks to all who gave me a chance making this dream come true.



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